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This is my plot of clay on the web. The site is primarily for my own and my family's amusement. If there is something here you can make use of, please feel free to enjoy. Otherwise stand back while the dirt flies and the compost happens.

Starting over:
   Original Grounds (Mar/Apr 2009)
See the gardening year (in the previous house) in overly large, bandwidth wasting photos:
   February 22
   March 4
   March 28
   April 17
   May 8
   May 12
   May 23
   June 5
   June 12
   June 24
   July 4
   August 19
   October 9
   October 23

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The Hooper's (soon to be) Live

The webcam shows the current view in the backyard and faces east. The Hooper's webcam is in St. Albans, WV.

And if you liked watching ivy grow, our next cam will feature paint drying! Nothing fancy here... if you want an updated picture, click RELOAD or REFRESH on your browser.
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There are few things I enjoy more than scratching around in the dirt and seeing something grow from it. While I'm not very good at gardening, I have had some minor successes turning this terrible clay soil into something more than a carrier for weeds.

As the resident geek at a local TV station, gardening lets me relax and totally forget about work-life. This site lets me keep a record of what I've done in the garden. The yard changes rapidly and usually within any given 3 months time I've forgotten what a garden bed looked like before I've been digging, planting or enjoying the changing seasons.

Daffodil 2006
Old house Daffodil 2006. Spring bulbs @ the new house coming 2010.

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