The Hoopers Garden - April 17, 2004



This is the "front" of the house, (the Route 60 side.) Here are Karen's "survivor" flowers. Why "survivor" flowers? Karen says when they bloom she knows for sure she has survived another winter, that spring is really here. They are a variety of Hyacinth - similar to Wood Hyacinth. We've never found out exactly what they are. They now have a great amount of foliage but no buds yet.

To the right are smaller plants with thin, spikes of "grass." These are true Wood Hyacinth in blue and pink. It is the 3rd year for them and they have begun to spread. Since this area gets quite shady once the trees leaf out, there are a number of hostas that are just getting a good start. Oh, and the dog, Molly B, is out flattening any trace of grass she can find.