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Sometimes I get so angry I could just rip the fingernails from the idiot at the keyboard! Apparently common sense isn't quite so common!

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Rants from The Hoopers

How many times have you gotten an email that makes you scroll down through 20 headers each listing 20 to 50 people. Each of those people has an exposed email address. And if someone around the 18th header gets a virus or worm (thanks Microsoft) then every single one of those people before me are now a target for that virus.

Well intentioned relatives and friends think that you and another 30 of their closest friends would appreciate a joke they received in the mail. They address that mail and carefully add each and every email address into the TO: section. The only problem is that person number 25 didn't take the time to patch their computer. They've been infected with a mass mailing worm and don't even know it! Once person #25 gets that joke, the worm happily sends itself, spam, malware, spyware and who knows what to everyone on that list.

What can YOU do about it? Encourage EVERYONE you know to REMOVE that long list of email address before they forward that cool web site link.

And, instead of addressing all 30 people in the TO: section, put them in the BCC: (blind carbon copy) section. This way no one gets the full list of email addresses and everyone become much less of a target for a worm or virus!

Web Browsers

Whether you realize it or not, Internet Explorer for web browsing and Outlook Express for email, are 2 of the most used tools on a computer today. They are also have some of the worst security holes! Using them on a regular, casual basis almost guarantees you will become infected with a worm, virus, malware, spyware or adware. And, because they come "free" with your computer, very few people bother to fix them or to investigate other better tools. Since they are used daily on hundreds of millions of computers they are an attractive target for those with malace on their minds.

1st, use Mozilla. It's free, it's open source and it's MUCH safer than anything Microsoft has. Simply go to www.mozilla.org and download the latest version of Mozilla. It will handle your web browsing and email better than anything out there and it will do it safely. IT'S FREE! DO IT!

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